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  • Culture stone wall panel
    CULTURE STONE WALL PANEL, stone brick panel, stone wall bricks Material: real stone composite material Thickness: 20-40mm Size:150*600mm/pcs, 11pcs/sqm Weight: 2.9kg/pcs Color: black, white, red, yellow, green and others. The brick body has a thickness of 20mm, ensuring texture and waterproof treatment for the flowing series products before leaving the factory Select real stone cutting… Read more: Culture stone wall panel
  • Delivery of 224AL13M
    Delivery of hot dip galvanized bracket, using steel rectangle pipe weld to laser cutted steel plate base. pipe Height of 300mm and 1000mm +12mm base plate thickness. product details: loading pictures:
  • Testing run of deburring machine
    the biggest advantage of deburring machine is saving time compared with manual grinding/buffing. 1machine can work like 5 mens labour time as you can see for buffing small items, from 40-60pcs per minute depending on its size. and very easy just put it on, then you can wait for shinning products. for both aluminium or… Read more: Testing run of deburring machine
  • All kinds of hoist & winding machine
    Electric hoist, manual hoist, winding machine, lifting crane, chain hoist for wall mounted or mobile crane use hoist, both travel type or fixed type computer-controlled intelligent hoister is the construcion equipment specially designed for vertical transport of materials for construction and installation winch electric hoist install on factory electric hoist install on construction site: Electric… Read more: All kinds of hoist & winding machine
  • Delivery of 224EA05H
    Delivery of s.s. 304 grade flower head screws and anchor bolts, brackets, hex head wood screws, top hang screws, phillips head machine bolts
  • Delivery of 224AL08N
    Delivery of wood handrail , SAPELE wood, solid wood handrail. hard wood handrail, size 150*60mm each pcs 2.2meters, 216pcs total packed in 4 wooden cases.
  • Delivery of 224EA04H
    Delivery of s.s. 316L grade stainless steel pipes, stainless steel tubes, handrail pipes, shape of round pipe, rectangle pipes size varies from 50*50, 80*80, 40*80, 100*100mm and so on. Total loaded in 3 containers
  • Delivery of 224AL12M
    Delivery of MS bracket hot dip galvanized.
  • Delivery of 224AL10M
    Delivery of glass balustrade stud, 50mm diameter for glass 21.52mm thickness use. glass tube 22mm length made by nylon material. s.s.316 grade dome nut, s.s.316 grade thread rod/bolt rod, flat washer, eye nut and eye bolt
  • Delivery of 224AL09H
    Delivery of blind rivets size of M4*13mm(Dia 4mm*1/2″)
  • Delivery of 224EA03H
    Delivery of solar panel bracket U channel. G.I. zinc galvanized U channel FCL loading.
  • Delivery of 224AL04P
    Delivery of glass handle and files Loading picture: total 5 pallets in plastic pallet
  • Delivery of 224AL01M
    Delivery of anchor bolts and eye bolts and eye nuts , dome nuts and steel rope and accessories in s.s.316 grade, G.I. Bracket, Handrail Glass Balustrade stud, 2″ wrench for glass stud M10 AND M12 DRILL BITS ARE FREE SAMPLES Pallet Packing LCL shipping, total 4 pallets
    SAPELE WOOD HANDRAIL DATASHEET MILL FINISH 150*60 elliptical shape after painting, solid wood handrail
  • Delivery of 224AL06H
    Delivery of protective films for aluminium profiles, size 1250*200meters per coil
  • Window opener
    Electric control window opener for automatic control or smart house control support all kinds of windows, handle casement window or slide windows all have suitable opener
  • Delivery of Lattice sample
    Aluminium box section Lattice wall made by aluminium rectangle profile size 50*150mm*3.0mm thickness. mill finish proposed wall design
  • Delivery of 224EA01H
    Splitting aluminium strip aluminium strip width 10mm, 15mm, 20mm as per clients request. thickness 0.1-1.0mm all we can cut for you.
  • Kitchen sinks sole agent
    Catalogue for kitchen sinks
  • Operation manual for DFX1000 vacuum lifter
    Manual for download: install battery, acid-lead battery12V20A, buy at your side if shipment by air. sea shipment we will include. put the battery inside the battery cartridge as following video, red wire connect to positive red by screws black wire connect to negative blue by screws battery position, middle yellow box, unscrew as video showed,… Read more: Operation manual for DFX1000 vacuum lifter
  • Delivery of 224AL03H
    Delivery of vacuum lifter, carrying weight of1000kgs with electric 90 degrees tiltable and 360 degrees rotation function. DFX1000-12C
  • Operation Manual of Bending machine
    CNC bending machine of Model: MGW CNC 1 5 T, please download if required.
  • Delivery of 224AL02H
    Delivery of laser cutted aluminium sheets, mill finish.
  • Aluminium profile cutting saw
    LJZA-600Automatic single head cutting saw for aluminum profiles at any angle Equipment characteristicsSuitable for cutting various types of aluminum profiles at any angle.Suitable for cutting 0-330mm cross-sections, with a wide range of applications.Hard alloy saw blades with high processing accuracy and durability.Can be used in conjunction with digital/CNC fixed length tables, with high processing efficiency.Can… Read more: Aluminium profile cutting saw
    Vacuum suction system up to 1000 kg loadoverall size: 1400*1000mmMax. Panel size for wall glazing: mmLoad capacity: 1000 kgDead weight: 160 kgSuction cups: 300mm , nitrile rubberSuction area (LxW): 625+1400+625mm total length 2650mm. with extended arm suction area: 1250+1500+1250, total length 4000mm. tiltable: 90 ° – electric motor control, rotate 360 ° -electric motor controlrotatable:… Read more: DFX1000 VACUUM LIFTER
  • Deburring Machine
    Metal deburring machine and grinding machine. catalogue for download: Model OMC with working table 900-1300mm width, the machine combines with 1 sanding belt roller+1 rotary brush roller 1 sanding belt roller (for deburring process/polishing process/grinding process ) + 1 Rotary Sanding/brush roller (for edge chamfer or deep hole grinding) Machine contain PLC touch screen control… Read more: Deburring Machine
  • Delivery of 223AL15M
    Delivery of CNC cutting machine, CNC bending machine for aluminium profile and tubes, HDPE sheet and HDPE rods, vacuum lifter, screws and expansion bolts, drill bits, star bits, water chiller and so on. loading picture:
  • Delivery of 223AL17P
    Delivery of Jack nut M6*33mm length , high pressure air pipe
  • Delivery of 223AL18P
    Delivery of 2000*2700mm aluminium sheet, A1100H14 mill finish. weight video:
  • Delivery of 223AL14S
    Delivery of hand hammer, door bolt, window lock and T shirt
    Door closer introduction: Real item picture: Open and close video
  • Golf car
    Golf car catalogue for download below is 6seats car picture
  • Delivery of 223AL16P
    Delivery of Pneumatic rivet nut gun. industrial type model, not home use model. 1sample of 8%CO free drill bit 10mm diameter. Taiwan product. 20pcs of M6*70mm class 8.8 steel allen bolt 20pcs of M6*80mm class 8.8 steel allen bolt free allen bolt heads for M6*33 jack nut use.
  • Jack nut and nut gun delivery
    1st, Chnage of nozzle 2nd, Change of nozzle distance The nozzle distance must fit for the bolt length to change the nozzle according to the length of bolt, finally the bolt length must same to jack nut length. 3rd step, after changed nozzle and length of bolt adjusting the riveting length, riveting distance is important,… Read more: Jack nut and nut gun delivery
  • Delivery of 223AL13P
    Delivery of Jack nut, rivet nut, allen bolt and Pneumatic rivet nut gun Jack Nut M6*33mm Allen bolt, M6*25mm, M8*25mm, M12*25mm, s.s.316 grade/A4-70
  • Vacuum lifter
    glass lifting machine, aluminium sheet lifting machine, stainless steel sheet lifting machine catalogue for download. Testing report
  • CNC machine adjusting angular line
  • Delivery of 223EA05H
    Delivery of USB drive storage device for clients gifts
  • Stainless steel mesh
    stainless steel 304 grade , gold color coated mesh sheet for partition use , door use.
  • Delivery of 223AL10S
    Delivery of hook locks, aluminium glass door handles, aluminium cabinet handles
  • Deliver of 223AL11N and 223AL12N
    Delivery of steel Jack nut rivet M6*33mm Length. datasheet for download:
  • Delivery of 223AL09M
    Delivery of aluminium expansion block with plastic backing sheets for U channel clamping glass and end mill for CNC cutting and routing machine. THIS product is used for aluminium U channel for clamping glass ,mainly for handrail purpose.
  • CNC JDPAINT.EXE operation manual
    please download DSP control manual below is your 5mm sheet CAD drawing transfered to DXF filw which we removed all unnecessary items. open JDpaint, click IMPORT-2D DRAWING , click file type chose *.DXF after imported, you will get below: all drawing canbe imported at same time, but we need to export each single movement. press… Read more: CNC JDPAINT.EXE operation manual
  • CNC routing and cutting machine manul
    1st, unzip software, winrar, 7z unzip, if you don’t have please download. 2nd, transfer software, transfer CAD DXF file to GCODE FOR REMOTE CONTROL USE. Here we use JD5.19, there are 4 7z file, please download in 1 folder,then use 7z unzip all. please add “.001-004″ behind the file name, otherwise it won’t work. please… Read more: CNC routing and cutting machine manul
  • Delivery of 223AL06A
    Delivery of egg shape punched aluminium cladding sheet, 2mm thickness, mill finish for powder coating
  • Delivery of 223EA04H
    Delivery of electric chain hoist, lifting hoist 10Ton*3meters, 10Ton*6meters, 20Ton*3meters, 30Ton*3meters
  • Delivery of 223AL08S
    Delivery of friction stay and wash sinks. below is for the friction stay Delivery of kitchen wash sinks Loading picture:
  • Delivery of 223AL07M
    Delivery of CNC cutting machine, aluminium sheets Below is loading picture
  • CNC cutting machine
    Model 1325, CNC aluminium,wood,plastic cutting machine Model 1325 CNC cutting machineMax working XYZ: 1300mm2500mm*200mmMax. working height: 200mmFree speed: 30M/MINWorking speed: 12M/MINPrecision: 0.005mmMotion precision: 0.2mm/300mmStructure:10mm steel frameTable AluminiumMain spindle: 5.5KW water cool , standard system use 3.2Kw Spindle speed: 0-24000rmp/minSpindle move type:Step motorZ spindle:TBI 2505 screws rodXYZ Track:XZY HG20XYZ Slider:XZY HG20XY screw rod:P7 class 2MYYC rackfrequency… Read more: CNC cutting machine
  • Sample of Handrail spider
    Sample made by Alco for handrail spider as per clients drawing.
  • Delivery of 223EA02H
    Delivery of aluminium honeycomb panel, 10mm total thickness 0.8mm aluminium thickness, PVDF color coating. and aluminium composite panel, 4mm total thickness 0.2mm aluminium thickness, polyester coating.
  • Delivery of 223EA03H
    Delivery of stone honeycomb panel for column decoration. Real stone 8mm thickness. aluminium honeycomb panel thickness 20mm.
  • Delivery of 223AL04N
    Delivery of glass spider, glass routel , spider boss, handrail spider.
  • Delivery of 223AL05S
    Delivery of window lock, chrome mirror finish.
  • Aluminium cladding sample
    ,. die punched sample with small hole perforation. Diameter 4mm, hole to hole distance 13mm
  • Delivery of 223EA01H
     Delivery of 10mm thickness clear tempered glass with screen printing pattern.
  • Delivery of 223AL01A
    Delivery of window stopper, a plastic limiting stopper, which limit window open and close in curtain position, prevent unexpected opening window for childrens.
  • Delivery of 223AL03T
    Arturia Analog Lab V VST Crack Delivery of screw rods, Hex bolt, nut and washers. s.s. grade 316 and s.s. grade 32760 for marine engineering use, never corrode
  • Delivery of 223AL02M
     Hearts of Iron IV Delivery of s.s.304 grades screws, flower head , CSK head Pan head screws Delivery of protective film for aluminium profile, 1250mm*200meter/roll Delivery of protective film for aluminium embossed sheet Delivery of protective film taping machine Delivery of aluminium sheets, 6mm thickness, 1.2mm thickness. Aluminium grade A1100H14
  • Aluminium profile taping machine
    Auto-Tune Pro VST Crack Maximum profile size: W300*H150mm Total Power:2Kw, MOTOR:1.5kw Machine weight:Net 500kgs,gross 600kgs Taping directions: up/down/left/right+2*180degrees frame(customized option) Power supply:380V/50HZ Working temperature:0-40degrees Centi. Taping speed:0-200m/min Machine size:2000*750*1500mm Auxiliary support :2000*400*780mm*4nos (each side 4meters table)
    Aluminium wire knitting mesh 3mm wire diameter 2 patterns for choice This is 3mm dia zinc galvanized steel wire mesh
  • Delivery of 222AL20N
    Delivery of hilti spare parts.
  • Delivery of 222AL17N
    Delivery of 50.8mm diameter 2″ *1.4mm pipe skin thickness steel s.s.316 grade pipes. 25*25mm square for 19.52mm glass
  • Delivery of 222AL18E
    Delivery of s.s.316 grade M12 screw rods and Hex bolts
  • Delivery of 222AL16S
    Delivery of aluminium sheets, 0.91mm thickness 1000*2400mm size. two pallets
  • Aluminium cladding sheet sample
    diamond shape 5mm sheet below is the welded strip sample below is the grooved folding sample. we groove a V line before folding the edge, then it need weld and polish. this is only the raw folding sample, final we will weld and polish.
  • Delivery of 222EA08H
    DipTrace Crack  Delivery of electric rivet gun+battery pack+tool box packing. BY DHL shipping.
  • Delivery of 222EA07H
    Zebra CardStudio Delivery of CNC foam cuatting machine, which cut foam to all required size and shapes. for building construction and packing industry use.
  • Deliver of 222EA06H
    InPixio Photo Eraser Crack Delivery of aluminium ceiling tiles/panels, 300*300mm, colors in many
  • Delivery of 222AL14N
    Movavi Screen Recorder Crack  Delivery of Dia9.1mm steel rope for cradle use, with O ring clamp total 40nos of 125meters/nos
    Delivery of aluminium sheet engraved pattern, size 1118*1118mm, 3mm thickness.
  • Delivery of 222EA04E
    Delivery of screw rod M12*1000mm, s.s. 316grade. M12 Nut cap and s.s. 304 angle plate
  • Delivery of 222AL13A
    Delivery of wood screws , S.S.316 grade, self tapping screws 19, SS Screw 12×1-1/4″ PH  5.5*32 15000 NOS 18, SS Screw 12×1″ PH  5.5*25       634000 NOS 20, SS Screw 12×3/4″ PH  5.5*19    125000 NOS 12, SS Screw  10×1 1/2″ PH    28000 NOS TOTAL 175 CARTONS, 3 PALLETS
  • Delivery of 222AL08N
    Delivery of eletric cradle/electric hoist repair parts including eletric conductor CJX2-2501, over load relay JRS1-09-25 4-6A, main board, safety lock, magnetic brake, oil seal 25-50-10, sockets, transformers 380V-220V-36V, steel wire 9.1MM DIAMETER, 2″ nylon wheel, 5″casters, rubber cable, limit switch 380V and panel board. DHM3-30 DC99V MAGNETIC BRAKE FULL SET
    Delivery of customized bolts and hex head bolts and aluminium profile s.s.304 grade bolts and carbon steel grade 8.8 class bolts M8 HEX BOLT, M10 HEX BOLT M12 HEX BOLTS , SELF-TAPPING SCREWS details as per delivery list ALUMINIUM L SHAPE PROFILE
  • Delivery of 222EA03H
    Delivery of Dorma brand Genuine automatic door unit ES200, total 60pcs bearing capacity 160kgs*2 panels door , 200kgs for single panel door, railway length 1* 4.2meters opening speed 10-50cm/s, close speed 10-40cm/s, open door stop time: 0.5-30sec adjustable Dorma floor spring BTS80 Getin tomyPC
  • Delivery of 222AL09A
    Delivery of mosquito screen door, rollup screen door *1 pcs pleated screen door 7*1 pcs
  • Delivery of 222AL12E
    Delivery of s.s.316 grade screws and bolts M12*120mm screw rod. s.s.316 grade 2000nos M5.5*50mm #12*2″ hex head self drilling screws 4000nos M5.5*60mm #12*2-2/5″ Hex head self drilling screws 2000nos M12 flat washer 2000nos M12 spring washer 2000nos M12 nut 2000nos.
  • Delivery of 222AL06L
    Delivery of ZS022-CD aluminium door handle, total 3 Pallets Color: RAL1015 500PAIR, RAL 1019 600 PAIR, RAL 8080 600 PAIR, RAL 8014 500 PAIR, MILL FINISH 1200 PAIR.
  • Delivery of 222AL11A
    Delivery of s.s.316 grade wood screws ITEM   OUTER PACKING  NET WEIGHT   GROSS WEIGHT   MEASUREMENT     12, SS Screw  10×1 1/2″ PH 7 CARTONS   118 KGS 121 KGS 16, SS Wood Screw 10×3″ FH 45 CARTONS   704 KGS 722 KGS 17, SS Wood Screw Philips 10×4″ FH 4 CARTONS  … Read more: Delivery of 222AL11A
  • Delivery of 222AL10K
    Delivery of glass door patch fittings. ALD010C bottom clamp with dorma head and custmozied ALD803 concealed door closer head 14.3*14.3square head
  • Delivery of 222EA02H
    Delivery of towel rail, 450mm length hole to hole distance. 60mm customized height. gold color coated. stainless steel satin finish. with anti-fingerprint gold anodize.
  • Delivery of 222EA01H
    Delivery of lamimated tempered glass. glass composition: 6mm clear tempered glass +1.52clear PVB +6mm clear tempered glass and 10mm clear tempered glass door. for balcony handrail and glass door use.
  • Delivery of 222AL04A
    Delivery of s.s.316 grade screws, self tapping screws, self drilling screws. ITEM OUTER PACKING NET WEIGHT MEASUREMENT1, SS Screw #8×1/2″ PH 2 CARTONS 39 KGS KGS2, SS Screw #8×3/4″ PH 14 CARTONS 296 KGS KGS3, SS Screw #6X3/4″ PH 12 CARTONS 229 KGS KGS4, SS Wood Screw #10×2″ FH 7 CARTONS 97 KGS KGS5, SS… Read more: Delivery of 222AL04A
  • Delivery of 222AL05M
    Delivery of handrail pipe end cap, end cover of 450pcs size of pipe 80*40mm, End cap diameter 120mm s.s.316 grade , mirror finish.
  • Mosquito screen door
    folded screen door Sliding screen door Metal pleated screen door Fiber-glass/Nylon Pleated screen door Openup Aluminium screen door Sliding open fence door
  • Delivery of 222AL01A
    Delivery of plastic caps, diameter 15mm, plastic hole caps, hole covers 10mm to 30mm diameter holes. for steel pipe or aluminium profile 2-4mm pipe skin thickness.
  • Delivery of s.s. end cover and pipe handrail
    Delivery of s.s. handrail end cap and s.s. pipe handrail
  • Delivery of 222AL03R
    8″-16″ Friction arms, window hinge. Delivery of friction stay, European style 10″ arms.
  • Delivery of 222AL02A
    Delivery of Glass door bolt KINLONG KFJ11270 and dust proof tube KINLONG SFT12801 s.s. grade 304 satin finish and mirror finish gold color coated
  • Delivery of 221AL12T
    Delivery of hex head self drilling screws
  • Delivery of 221AL11A
    Delivery of laser cutted aluminium bracket, mill finish
  • Delivery of 221EA06H
    Delivery of aluminium composite panel producing machine including staff training and machine installation.
  • Delivery of 221XB02H
    Delivery of aluminium sheets 1500*3000mm and 1450*3000mm , 5mm thickness, Alloy 3003H16
  • Delivery of 221EA05H
    Delivery of stainless steel 304 Hex bolts.
  • Delivery of 221AL10A
    Delivery of balance M8*70 special designed bolts.
  • Aluminium Bracket
    Delivery of aluminium bracket sample by laser cutting. Alloy AL6061 3pcs