Delivery of 223AL09M

Delivery of aluminium expansion block with plastic backing sheets for U channel clamping glass

and end mill for CNC cutting and routing machine.

THIS product is used for aluminium U channel for clamping glass ,mainly for handrail purpose.

CNC JDPAINT.EXE operation manual

please download DSP control manual

below is your 5mm sheet CAD drawing transfered to DXF filw which we removed all unnecessary items.

open JDpaint, click IMPORT-2D DRAWING , click file type chose *.DXF

after imported, you will get below:

all drawing canbe imported at same time, but we need to export each single movement.

press shif to select groove line for all. and move outside of the drawing, delete the gray line.

please use move command, distance X way -1500, when you move back, you can use same move command to move X way1500 back to place without any align.

open drawing toolbar, use line to connect uncloased groove line.

then click joint to make it whole. use default setting.

select all line until it change color, then you can move back to drawing.

Select groove line within the drawing, click Toolpaths-Toolpath wizard-Pocket Group-Rough Pocket

Change cut depth to 2mm

Cut depth change to 2mm
if you use 4mm end mill, please chose 4mm, right now we provide 6mm option.
Material you can chose aluminium or leave it without any choice
next page Feed setup-step setup, overlap ratio you can type 50%
Layer Setup-Layer mode chose Loyer count, count:2 layers.
Downstep change to 1mm, means each layer will cut 1mm depth only.
Slot setup, select close
Entry setup chose close, then press finish(完成)

CNC routing and cutting machine manul

1st, unzip software, winrar, 7z unzip, if you don’t have please download.

2nd, transfer software, transfer CAD DXF file to GCODE FOR REMOTE CONTROL USE. Here we use JD5.19, there are 4 7z file, please download in 1 folder,then use 7z unzip all. please add “.001-004″ behind the file name, otherwise it won’t work. please ignore the warning of changing file name will cause unable to use. the dot”.” must type, donot type blank space.

please click JDpaint.exe to Run programe

CAD dwg file should be transfered to DXF file

CNC cutting machine

Model 1325, CNC aluminium,wood,plastic cutting machine

Model 1325 CNC cutting machine
Max working XYZ: 1300mm2500mm*200mm
Max. working height: 200mm
Free speed: 30M/MIN
Working speed: 12M/MIN
Precision: 0.005mm
Motion precision: 0.2mm/300mm
Structure:10mm steel frameTable Aluminium
Main spindle: 5.5KW water cool , standard system use 3.2Kw

Spindle speed: 0-24000rmp/min
Spindle move type:Step motor
Z spindle:TBI 2505 screws rod
XYZ Track:XZY HG20
XYZ Slider:XZY HG20
XY screw rod:P7 class 2MYYC rack
frequency converter:5.5KW
Control unit:DSP digital CNC control system
Limit switch:3 spindle with limit switch
Electric part:Schneider Electric
Execute Command:G code or NC code
Accessories:wrench 1nos,Testing blade 1nos, Spring blade clamp 3.175 6 12,Press plate 6nos,Nut 2nos,Limit switch 3nos.
Quality guarantee: Full machine 1 year with limited conditions
Applicable items: EVA wood, aluminum, Acrylic, HPL,WPC

DSP hand control example
Aluminium Cutting work
Aluminium engraving work