Delivery of customized bolts and hex head bolts and aluminium profile

s.s.304 grade bolts and carbon steel grade 8.8 class bolts

M8 HEX BOLT, M10 HEX BOLT M12 HEX BOLTS , SELF-TAPPING SCREWS details as per delivery list


Delivery of 222EA03H

Delivery of Dorma brand Genuine automatic door unit ES200, total 60pcs

bearing capacity 160kgs*2 panels door , 200kgs for single panel door, railway length 1* 4.2meters

opening speed 10-50cm/s, close speed 10-40cm/s, open door stop time: 0.5-30sec adjustable

Dorma floor spring BTS80

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Delivery of 222AL09A

Delivery of mosquito screen door, rollup screen door *1 pcs

pleated screen door 7*1 pcs

The above is pleated screen door
The above is rollup screen door

Delivery of 222AL12E

Delivery of s.s.316 grade screws and bolts

M12*120mm screw rod. s.s.316 grade 2000nos

M5.5*50mm #12*2″ hex head self drilling screws 4000nos

M5.5*60mm #12*2-2/5″ Hex head self drilling screws 2000nos

M12 flat washer 2000nos

M12 spring washer 2000nos

M12 nut 2000nos.

Delivery of 222AL06L

Delivery of ZS022-CD aluminium door handle, total 3 Pallets

Color: RAL1015 500PAIR, RAL 1019 600 PAIR, RAL 8080 600 PAIR, RAL 8014 500 PAIR, MILL FINISH 1200 PAIR.

Delivery of 222AL11A

Delivery of s.s.316 grade wood screws


12, SS Screw  10×1 1/2″ PH 7 CARTONS   118 KGS 121 KGS

16, SS Wood Screw 10×3″ FH 45 CARTONS   704 KGS 722 KGS

17, SS Wood Screw Philips 10×4″ FH 4 CARTONS   38.5 KGS 40 KGS

18, SS Screw 12×1″ PH  5.5*25 4 CARTONS   86.5 KGS 88 KGS

18, SS Screw 12×1″ PH  5.5*25 60 CARTONS   1299 KGS 1323 KGS

TOTAL   120 CARTONS   2 PALLETS   2246.00 KGS 2294.00 KGS 2.000 CBM

Delivery of 222AL10K

Delivery of glass door patch fittings. ALD010C bottom clamp

with dorma head and custmozied ALD803 concealed door closer head 14.3*14.3square head