Operation manual for DFX1000 vacuum lifter

Manual for download:

install battery, acid-lead battery12V20A, buy at your side if shipment by air. sea shipment we will include.

put the battery inside the battery cartridge as following video, red wire connect to positive red by screws

black wire connect to negative blue by screws

battery position, middle yellow box, unscrew as video showed, after the cover plate been removed, you will see the battery cartridge

Delivery of 224AL03H

Delivery of vacuum lifter, carrying weight of1000kgs with electric 90 degrees tiltable and 360 degrees rotation function.


alternative battery

Aluminium profile cutting saw

Automatic single head cutting saw for aluminum profiles at any angle

Equipment characteristics
Suitable for cutting various types of aluminum profiles at any angle.
Suitable for cutting 0-330mm cross-sections, with a wide range of applications.
Hard alloy saw blades with high processing accuracy and durability.
Can be used in conjunction with digital/CNC fixed length tables, with high processing efficiency.
Can achieve simultaneous cutting of multiple profiles<90 °
Main specifications and technical parameters:
Power supply 380v 50HZ
Working air pressure 0.5-0.8MPA
Gas consumption of 30L/min
Motor power 3.3KW spindle motor
Motor speed 2850r/min
Sawing width 45 ° max160mm 90 ° max180mm
Sawing height max215
Saw blade size 600 * 4 * 30 * 144z
Boundary dimensions 1200 * 1200 * 1950
Weight 650kg
Configuration Table
Integrated casting of workbench
Cutting motor 3.3KW spindle motor
Electrical components Schneider Electric
Pneumatic components: Tiangong Dongsheng
Saw blade Dahe/Jinfengli



Vacuum suction system up to 1000 kg load
overall size: 1400*1000mm
Max. Panel size for wall glazing: mm
Load capacity: 1000 kg
Dead weight: 160 kg
Suction cups: 300mm , nitrile rubber
Suction area (LxW): 625+1400+625mm total length 2650mm. with extended arm suction area: 1250+1500+1250, total length 4000mm.
tiltable: 90 ° – electric motor control, rotate 360 ° -electric motor control
rotatable: manuel,endless, 90 ° Fixing
Battery: 48 V, 24hours continuous use, without recharging
(recharging via 220 V plug)
Safety system: Equipment with automatic detection of negative pressure alarm function

video of use of electric model:

video of use of hydraulic tiltable model

actual size use video:

Deburring Machine

Metal deburring machine and grinding machine. catalogue for download:

Model OMC with working table 900-1300mm width, the machine combines with 1 sanding belt roller+1 rotary brush roller

1 sanding belt roller (for deburring process/polishing process/grinding process )

+ 1 Rotary Sanding/brush roller (for edge chamfer or deep hole grinding)

Machine contain PLC touch screen control unit. English Menu

Test running video

workpiece picture:

Model R-R heavy duty Deburring machine

The difference with OMC is Heavy duty sanding machine contain 2 sanding belt roller (for sanding/polishing/deburring/grinding/hairline polish/pre-coat treatment grinding)

with working table width 630/1000/1300mm

introduction video:

working video:

below is the grinded product, please check:

you can compare with surface, black color is before grinded.