CULTURE STONE WALL PANEL, stone brick panel, stone wall bricks

Material: real stone composite material

Thickness: 20-40mm

Size:150*600mm/pcs, 11pcs/sqm

Weight: 2.9kg/pcs

Color: black, white, red, yellow, green and others.

The brick body has a thickness of 20mm, ensuring texture and waterproof treatment for the flowing series products before leaving the factory

Select real stone cutting and splicing for mold making, with vivid texture and natural appearance

Adding bone shaped ceramic particles to increase hardness, enhance toughness, reduce weight, and effectively reduce logistics losses

The back is equipped with adsorption particles, increasing the adhesion force for easy construction

Various color for your choice:

Various pattern for your choice:

Black water fall pattern A

Black water fall pattern B

Black Split line pattern C

Black water line pattern D

Black sand line pattern E

Black groove line Pattern F

Black brick line Pattern G

Black small brick line Pattern H

Project pictures:Black water fall pattern B

Black waterfall Pattern B full size wall picture

Full color pattern, weather resistant, water proof.

Project Picture: Black Split line pattern C

Project pictures: Black water line pattern D

Project pictures: Black brick line Pattern G

Project pictures: Black small brick line Pattern H

About construction

The laying of cultural stones and cultural bricks is convenient, with staggered 工-shaped splicing and laying. The cement rough surface can be pasted with cement mortar or ceramic tile adhesive. Non aqueous adhesive can be used for wooden walls, such as structural adhesive, glass adhesive, and white cultural stones can be laid with white structural adhesive. The cutting can be done using a ceramic tile cutting machine, and the edges can be trimmed and filled to achieve neat and beautiful appearance.

Cultural stones belong to purely handmade bricks. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of molds, the bricks produced are not completely uniform in size, and slight differences in length and thickness are normal phenomena.

And any loss within 10% during transportation is considered normal. If it exceeds 10% and is damaged, please contact us.

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