You can check details below for each project:

  • Aluminium Solid panel wall project
    Diamond shaped aluminum plate with built-in LED light made by 4mm thickness aluminium sheets, cutted and welded in diamond shape. Factory site: all kinds of shapes and curve we can make as per your request.
  • Culture stone wall panel
    CULTURE STONE WALL PANEL, stone brick panel, stone wall bricks Material: real stone composite material Thickness: 20-40mm Size:150*600mm/pcs, 11pcs/sqm Weight: 2.9kg/pcs Color: black, white, red, yellow, green and others. The brick body has a thickness of 20mm, ensuring texture and waterproof treatment for the flowing series products before leaving the factory Select real stone cutting… Read more: Culture stone wall panel
  • Testing run of deburring machine
    the biggest advantage of deburring machine is saving time compared with manual grinding/buffing. 1machine can work like 5 mens labour time as you can see for buffing small items, from 40-60pcs per minute depending on its size. and very easy just put it on, then you can wait for shinning products. for both aluminium or… Read more: Testing run of deburring machine
  • All kinds of hoist & winding machine
    Electric hoist, manual hoist, winding machine, lifting crane, chain hoist for wall mounted or mobile crane use hoist, both travel type or fixed type computer-controlled intelligent hoister is the construcion equipment specially designed for vertical transport of materials for construction and installation winch electric hoist install on factory electric hoist install on construction site: Electric… Read more: All kinds of hoist & winding machine
  • Window opener
    Electric control window opener for automatic control or smart house control support all kinds of windows, handle casement window or slide windows all have suitable opener
  • Kitchen sinks sole agent
    Catalogue for kitchen sinks
  • Aluminium profile cutting saw
    LJZA-600Automatic single head cutting saw for aluminum profiles at any angle Equipment characteristicsSuitable for cutting various types of aluminum profiles at any angle.Suitable for cutting 0-330mm cross-sections, with a wide range of applications.Hard alloy saw blades with high processing accuracy and durability.Can be used in conjunction with digital/CNC fixed length tables, with high processing efficiency.Can… Read more: Aluminium profile cutting saw
    Vacuum suction system up to 1000 kg loadoverall size: 1400*1000mmMax. Panel size for wall glazing: mmLoad capacity: 1000 kgDead weight: 160 kgSuction cups: 300mm , nitrile rubberSuction area (LxW): 625+1400+625mm total length 2650mm. with extended arm suction area: 1250+1500+1250, total length 4000mm. tiltable: 90 ° – electric motor control, rotate 360 ° -electric motor controlrotatable:… Read more: DFX1000 VACUUM LIFTER
  • Deburring Machine
    Metal deburring machine and grinding machine. catalogue for download: Model OMC with working table 900-1300mm width, the machine combines with 1 sanding belt roller+1 rotary brush roller 1 sanding belt roller (for deburring process/polishing process/grinding process ) + 1 Rotary Sanding/brush roller (for edge chamfer or deep hole grinding) Machine contain PLC touch screen control… Read more: Deburring Machine
    Door closer introduction: Real item picture: Open and close video
  • Stainless steel mesh
    stainless steel 304 grade , gold color coated mesh sheet for partition use , door use.
  • Installation of aluminium honeycomb panel ceiling
    1st, install ceiling keel 2nd, install aluminium honeycomb panel with screws 3rd, open hole for light and air conditioning maintaince panel
  • Aluminium cladding sample
    ,. die punched sample with small hole perforation. Diameter 4mm, hole to hole distance 13mm
  • Aluminium profile taping machine
    Auto-Tune Pro VST Crack Maximum profile size: W300*H150mm Total Power:2Kw, MOTOR:1.5kw Machine weight:Net 500kgs,gross 600kgs Taping directions: up/down/left/right+2*180degrees frame(customized option) Power supply:380V/50HZ Working temperature:0-40degrees Centi. Taping speed:0-200m/min Machine size:2000*750*1500mm Auxiliary support :2000*400*780mm*4nos (each side 4meters table)
  • Aluminium Honeycomb Panel Project
    Cloud Sea view Exhibition Center Aluminium honeycomb panel cladding, curved shape made by us.
    Aluminium wire knitting mesh 3mm wire diameter 2 patterns for choice This is 3mm dia zinc galvanized steel wire mesh
  • Aluminium rectangle baffle project
    below is the picture which we made before, only few of them showed to you, making aluminium we are serious. As you can see from the above picture, this is the wall decoration installation, every easy to do, one man can do the job, just need to rivet the baffle profile to the steel RHS… Read more: Aluminium rectangle baffle project
  • Mosquito screen door
    folded screen door Sliding screen door Metal pleated screen door Fiber-glass/Nylon Pleated screen door Openup Aluminium screen door Sliding open fence door
  • Project of aluminium pipe frame
    for wall decoration and ceiling decoration. indoor stadium or shopping mall decoration. wood finish.
  • Twisted rectangle pipe wall
  • LED light column
    Led light embeded aluminium rectangle profile ceiling with column cover multiple color and even display words and simple picture
  • Project of Alclad
    Aluminium pipe frame wall cladding panel
  • Project of Alclad
    Project of aluminium perforated wall panel, aluminium cladding 3mm thickness. location: China
  • Making of aluminium mesh panel
    made for supermarket ceiling panels, mesh with frame and anchors
  • Project of rooftop wood finish aluminium cladding
  • Our New website launched
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  • Project of Aluminium facade
    Project of Rust bronze color aluminium cladding sheets, 3mm thickness.
    ALCLAD is the trade mark of alco international co.,ltd. for aluminum and steel products. we strive to be your cladding material total solution.
  • Making of triangle shape aluminium cladding panel
  • Making of aluminum artifact words and flower
  • Color coated Aluminium column Project
    1,3D solid work designing 2, Making die to press 3, Polishing and powder coating
  • Bahrain Coastal line Handrail project
  • Punched hole aluminium facade sheets
    punch from different sides to creat worlds effect
  • Color printed Aluminium ceiling
    3D color printing aluminium ceiling panels, 3mm thickness
  • Public Toilet Facade Project
    Aluminium customized curved panel with flower design
  • Metro Station facade
    Aluminium perforated sheets
  • Office Building Project
    Aluminium facade project 1