Metal deburring machine and grinding machine. catalogue for download:

Model OMC with working table 900-1300mm width, the machine combines with 1 sanding belt roller+1 rotary brush roller

1 sanding belt roller (for deburring process/polishing process/grinding process )

+ 1 Rotary Sanding/brush roller (for edge chamfer or deep hole grinding)

Machine contain PLC touch screen control unit. English Menu

Test running video

workpiece picture:

Model R-R heavy duty Deburring machine

The difference with OMC is Heavy duty sanding machine contain 2 sanding belt roller (for sanding/polishing/deburring/grinding/hairline polish/pre-coat treatment grinding)

with working table width 630/1000/1300mm

introduction video:

working video:

below is the grinded product, please check:

you can compare with surface, black color is before grinded.