Testing run of deburring machine

the biggest advantage of deburring machine is saving time compared with manual grinding/buffing.

1machine can work like 5 mens labour time

as you can see for buffing small items, from 40-60pcs per minute depending on its size. and very easy just put it on, then you can wait for shinning products.

for both aluminium or steel products laser or cnc cutted edge buffings.

if you see the final product, even the edge is buffed.

Aluminium profile polishing for hairline finish

water sand grinding

for wood grinding wood buffing, wood polishing

wood panel sand polishing machine

cabinet door wood door panel polishing before painting

1 roller manual polishing machine, for wood door pane use or wood artifact use

All kinds of hoist & winding machine

Electric hoist, manual hoist, winding machine, lifting crane, chain hoist

for wall mounted or mobile crane use hoist, both travel type or fixed type

computer-controlled intelligent hoister is the construcion equipment specially designed for vertical transport of materials for construction and installation


electric hoist install on factory

electric hoist install on construction site:

Electric hoist of many Ton models, heavy duty lifting machines with maximum 12 Chains

Heavy duty winch

hoist for mobile crane lifting

Travel type

Fixed type

Delivery of 224AL08N

Delivery of wood handrail , SAPELE wood, solid wood handrail. hard wood handrail, size 150*60mm

each pcs 2.2meters, 216pcs total packed in 4 wooden cases.

Delivery of 224EA04H

Delivery of s.s. 316L grade stainless steel pipes, stainless steel tubes, handrail pipes,

shape of round pipe, rectangle pipes size varies from 50*50, 80*80, 40*80, 100*100mm and so on.

Total loaded in 3 containers

Delivery of 224AL12M

Delivery of MS bracket hot dip galvanized.

Delivery of 224AL10M

Delivery of glass balustrade stud, 50mm diameter for glass 21.52mm thickness use. glass tube 22mm length made by nylon material.

s.s.316 grade dome nut, s.s.316 grade thread rod/bolt rod, flat washer, eye nut and eye bolt