Automatic single head cutting saw for aluminum profiles at any angle

Equipment characteristics
Suitable for cutting various types of aluminum profiles at any angle.
Suitable for cutting 0-330mm cross-sections, with a wide range of applications.
Hard alloy saw blades with high processing accuracy and durability.
Can be used in conjunction with digital/CNC fixed length tables, with high processing efficiency.
Can achieve simultaneous cutting of multiple profiles<90 °
Main specifications and technical parameters:
Power supply 380v 50HZ
Working air pressure 0.5-0.8MPA
Gas consumption of 30L/min
Motor power 3.3KW spindle motor
Motor speed 2850r/min
Sawing width 45 ° max160mm 90 ° max180mm
Sawing height max215
Saw blade size 600 * 4 * 30 * 144z
Boundary dimensions 1200 * 1200 * 1950
Weight 650kg
Configuration Table
Integrated casting of workbench
Cutting motor 3.3KW spindle motor
Electrical components Schneider Electric
Pneumatic components: Tiangong Dongsheng
Saw blade Dahe/Jinfengli