Aluminium Solid panel wall project

Diamond shaped aluminum plate with built-in LED light

made by 4mm thickness aluminium sheets, cutted and welded in diamond shape.

Factory site:

all kinds of shapes and curve we can make as per your request.

Culture stone wall panel

CULTURE STONE WALL PANEL, stone brick panel, stone wall bricks

Material: real stone composite material

Thickness: 20-40mm

Size:150*600mm/pcs, 11pcs/sqm

Weight: 2.9kg/pcs

Color: black, white, red, yellow, green and others.

The brick body has a thickness of 20mm, ensuring texture and waterproof treatment for the flowing series products before leaving the factory

Select real stone cutting and splicing for mold making, with vivid texture and natural appearance

Adding bone shaped ceramic particles to increase hardness, enhance toughness, reduce weight, and effectively reduce logistics losses

The back is equipped with adsorption particles, increasing the adhesion force for easy construction

Various color for your choice:

Various pattern for your choice:

Black water fall pattern A

Black water fall pattern B

Black Split line pattern C

Black water line pattern D

Black sand line pattern E

Black groove line Pattern F

Black brick line Pattern G

Black small brick line Pattern H

Project pictures:Black water fall pattern B

Black waterfall Pattern B full size wall picture

Full color pattern, weather resistant, water proof.

Project Picture: Black Split line pattern C

Project pictures: Black water line pattern D

Project pictures: Black brick line Pattern G

Project pictures: Black small brick line Pattern H

About construction

The laying of cultural stones and cultural bricks is convenient, with staggered 工-shaped splicing and laying. The cement rough surface can be pasted with cement mortar or ceramic tile adhesive. Non aqueous adhesive can be used for wooden walls, such as structural adhesive, glass adhesive, and white cultural stones can be laid with white structural adhesive. The cutting can be done using a ceramic tile cutting machine, and the edges can be trimmed and filled to achieve neat and beautiful appearance.

Cultural stones belong to purely handmade bricks. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of molds, the bricks produced are not completely uniform in size, and slight differences in length and thickness are normal phenomena.

And any loss within 10% during transportation is considered normal. If it exceeds 10% and is damaged, please contact us.

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Testing run of deburring machine

the biggest advantage of deburring machine is saving time compared with manual grinding/buffing.

1machine can work like 5 mens labour time

as you can see for buffing small items, from 40-60pcs per minute depending on its size. and very easy just put it on, then you can wait for shinning products.

for both aluminium or steel products laser or cnc cutted edge buffings.

if you see the final product, even the edge is buffed.

Aluminium profile polishing for hairline finish

water sand grinding

for wood grinding wood buffing, wood polishing

wood panel sand polishing machine

cabinet door wood door panel polishing before painting

1 roller manual polishing machine, for wood door pane use or wood artifact use

All kinds of hoist & winding machine

Electric hoist, manual hoist, winding machine, lifting crane, chain hoist

for wall mounted or mobile crane use hoist, both travel type or fixed type

computer-controlled intelligent hoister is the construcion equipment specially designed for vertical transport of materials for construction and installation


electric hoist install on factory

electric hoist install on construction site:

Electric hoist of many Ton models, heavy duty lifting machines with maximum 12 Chains

Heavy duty winch

hoist for mobile crane lifting

Travel type

Fixed type

Window opener

Electric control window opener for automatic control or smart house control

support all kinds of windows, handle casement window or slide windows all have suitable opener

Aluminium profile cutting saw

Automatic single head cutting saw for aluminum profiles at any angle

Equipment characteristics
Suitable for cutting various types of aluminum profiles at any angle.
Suitable for cutting 0-330mm cross-sections, with a wide range of applications.
Hard alloy saw blades with high processing accuracy and durability.
Can be used in conjunction with digital/CNC fixed length tables, with high processing efficiency.
Can achieve simultaneous cutting of multiple profiles<90 °
Main specifications and technical parameters:
Power supply 380v 50HZ
Working air pressure 0.5-0.8MPA
Gas consumption of 30L/min
Motor power 3.3KW spindle motor
Motor speed 2850r/min
Sawing width 45 ° max160mm 90 ° max180mm
Sawing height max215
Saw blade size 600 * 4 * 30 * 144z
Boundary dimensions 1200 * 1200 * 1950
Weight 650kg
Configuration Table
Integrated casting of workbench
Cutting motor 3.3KW spindle motor
Electrical components Schneider Electric
Pneumatic components: Tiangong Dongsheng
Saw blade Dahe/Jinfengli



Vacuum suction system up to 1000 kg load
overall size: 1400*1000mm
Max. Panel size for wall glazing: mm
Load capacity: 1000 kg
Dead weight: 160 kg
Suction cups: 300mm , nitrile rubber
Suction area (LxW): 625+1400+625mm total length 2650mm. with extended arm suction area: 1250+1500+1250, total length 4000mm.
tiltable: 90 ° – electric motor control, rotate 360 ° -electric motor control
rotatable: manuel,endless, 90 ° Fixing
Battery: 48 V, 24hours continuous use, without recharging
(recharging via 220 V plug)
Safety system: Equipment with automatic detection of negative pressure alarm function

video of use of electric model:

video of use of hydraulic tiltable model

actual size use video:

Deburring Machine

Metal deburring machine and grinding machine. catalogue for download:

Model OMC with working table 900-1300mm width, the machine combines with 1 sanding belt roller+1 rotary brush roller

1 sanding belt roller (for deburring process/polishing process/grinding process )

+ 1 Rotary Sanding/brush roller (for edge chamfer or deep hole grinding)

Machine contain PLC touch screen control unit. English Menu

Test running video

workpiece picture:

Model R-R heavy duty Deburring machine

The difference with OMC is Heavy duty sanding machine contain 2 sanding belt roller (for sanding/polishing/deburring/grinding/hairline polish/pre-coat treatment grinding)

with working table width 630/1000/1300mm

introduction video:

working video:

below is the grinded product, please check:

you can compare with surface, black color is before grinded.