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The machine is widely used in the construction of doors and window curtain wall, decoratioin, automotive industry, high-speed rail, elevator, bathroom, ships, advertising and other industries in the bending of various non-standard metal profiles, can bend a variety of shapes( C-shapes, U -shapes, full circle shapes, ellipse, multiple radius combinations, etc), is an ideal accessory product for professioinal manufacturers with bending requirements.

Power supply: 3 phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz

Total power: 4.0Kw

Y axis push rod rated thrust : 13Ton (max. 20Ton)

Y axis push rod positioining accuracty: <0.01mm

Maximum torque of X axis: 2500N.M

Three shaft speed: 1-15r/min

Fixed axis spacing: 280-600mm

Min bending radius: R=100mm (50mm minimum)

Spindle diameter: 50mm

Bending profile max size: W*H 120mm*150mm

Dimensions: 1500*1200*1400mm L*W*H

Total weight: 900kgs

below is the operating example: it’s very easy to input the arc radius and length by touch screen. we will provide English manual for reference.

input menu
chose shape menu all in English