Model 1325, CNC aluminium,wood,plastic cutting machine

Model 1325 CNC cutting machine
Max working XYZ: 1300mm2500mm*200mm
Max. working height: 200mm
Free speed: 30M/MIN
Working speed: 12M/MIN
Precision: 0.005mm
Motion precision: 0.2mm/300mm
Structure:10mm steel frameTable Aluminium
Main spindle: 5.5KW water cool , standard system use 3.2Kw

Spindle speed: 0-24000rmp/min
Spindle move type:Step motor
Z spindle:TBI 2505 screws rod
XYZ Track:XZY HG20
XYZ Slider:XZY HG20
XY screw rod:P7 class 2MYYC rack
frequency converter:5.5KW
Control unit:DSP digital CNC control system
Limit switch:3 spindle with limit switch
Electric part:Schneider Electric
Execute Command:G code or NC code
Accessories:wrench 1nos,Testing blade 1nos, Spring blade clamp 3.175 6 12,Press plate 6nos,Nut 2nos,Limit switch 3nos.
Quality guarantee: Full machine 1 year with limited conditions
Applicable items: EVA wood, aluminum, Acrylic, HPL,WPC

DSP hand control example
Aluminium Cutting work
Aluminium engraving work