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  1. Product Description

ALCLAD ® SHP consisting of natural marble or granite stone face (approximately 3-5mm) bonded to Aluminium honeycomb panel, SHP preserved the natural appearance of the stone face, has overcome the fragility and heavy weight of the real stone.


ALCLAD ® Stone Honeycomb Panel (SHP) consists of aluminum honeycomb panel bonded to granite stone or marble stone face, Henkel (Germany) adhesives as bonding layer. AHP has greatly enhanced the strength of its rigidity, wind load resistant capability. Usually made for outdoor or exterior wall cladding.



ALCLAD ® SHP panels are available from 13mm to 30mm thicknesses in standard widths of 600mm ,800mm and in standard lengths of 600mm, 800mm.

A range of custom sizes is available:

  • Width : 300mm- 1219mm
  • Length : 300mm-2438mm 


ALCLAD ® SHP can be used in a variety of applications. They can be used anywhere solid dimensional stone is used, but also in applications where dimensional stone is too heavy to be economically used.

SHP are an ideal solution for both exterior and interior renovation. Lightweight  SHP panels are often the most economical choice, since they can normally be installed directly over the existing cladding without the need for expensive demolition or reinforcing the building structure.

With SHP panels, you can now have natural stone anywhere. Our panels are commonly used in places previously thought weight or cost prohibitive such as in aircraft, yachts, cruise ships, custom coaches, train, elevators , furniture and signage.

SHP panels are tough and durable. They offer fantastic impact resistance and flexural strength provided by our patented manufacturing process. They can resist up to 60 times more impact than solid 3cm solid granite. When using SHP panels, you are only limited by your imagination.



Standard ALCLAD ® SHP can be produced in with a variety of finishes common to the dimensional stone industry. Below are several examples of the stock finishes available. However, not all finishes are recommended or even possible on all stones.

To determine feasibility or if you require a custom finish, please contact our sales department to verify the availability of that finish.

Contact our sales department for minimum quantities and availability.


  1. Technical Data


Properties Test value
Stone thickness, in (mm) 5.0
Weight, in (lb./sq. ft. | kg/sq. m.) 3.54lb./sq. ft., 17.3kgs/sqm
Bending strength (Mpa) ≥17.8
Compressing Strength (Mpa) ≥1.37
Face Shearing Strength (Mpa) ≥0.67
Face Bond Strength (Mpa) ≥2.57
Impact strength  (test rig limited) ≥3,000 ft. lbs
Thermal resistance: -35℃ to 80℃
Average airborne sound (dB) 32
Flatness Deviation (mm) ±1.0
Squareness Deviation (mm) ±1.0
Fire resistant

DIN 4102-Class A

UBC 17-6 Multi-Story Fire Evaluation: All criteria met
ASTM E-84 Fire Test: Flame Spread Index = 0

Smoke Developed = 0
Fuel Contributed Value = 0
Class A (NFPA Standard)
Class I (UBC Standard)

Modified E-108 Fire Evaluation: Resisted 30 minute fire exposure.

  • ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials.
  • DIN: German Industrial Standard.
  • GB: Chinese National Standard.

Details please refer to our Mechanical and Physical property.


ALCLAD ® SHP is not easy to cut and shaped by normal tools, so pre-shipment fabrication is required and sizes of panel should be exactly confirmed when order has been made.

Special tools are available for on-site fabrication now, please contact us for more.

Shape & fabrication can only be done by special equipment. Please contact our sales department for details.

  1. Installation

SHP panels can be field attached in several different ways depending on the application and back up framing.

  1. Pricelist:

Contact our sales department for price, or through our agents.

  1. Packing Terms.

Fully loading packing in one 20’ container:

Maximum 1100sqm.

Fully loading packing in one 40’ container:

Maximum 1100sqm-1440sqm

Otherwise please contact sales department for more details.

  1. Delivery Time:

The date of the delivery is depend on your order quantity, please contact our sales department for details.

  1. Warranty

We guarantee when correctly mounted and properly operated and maintained, shall give satisfactory performance for a period of 10 years counting from the date on which the commodity delivered from the company.

Details please refer to our Certificate of Quality Guarantee

  1. Maintenance

Natural stone face is maintenance-free. Under normal exposure and use, it is self-cleaning through rain washing. Water flush or power washing with a mild deter-gent is recommended to remove heavy soil.

Details please see out maintenance manual.

  1. Technical Services

Contact ALCLAD ® for technical assistance with design and specification or for the name of a nearby representative.

SHP Natural Stone veneer bonded by high strength aluminum honeycomb panel.





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