PA66GF25 Thermal break profile


PA66 Thermal break profile with 25% fiber glass

Polyamide 66 (commonly known as nylon 66 and chemically abbreviated as PA66) is a synthetic thermoplastic resin, witch is made by a series of polycondensation of silicon bicarbonate and diamine compound. It also contains 25% glass fiber, whose array direction is controlled by a special extrusio process so that the insulation strips have a similar linear expansion coefficient as aluminium in the longitudinal direction and ensure the best mechanical properties in the transverse direction.


Since the aluminium alloy has advantages such as high strength, light weight, safe usage, long service life, canbe recycled and regenrated. it has become an important raw material for curtain walls, door and window frames. An excellent insulation property canbe obtained by inserting isolators with a low thermal conductivity into aluminium alloys with a high thermal conductivity. This method of insulation is called “Thermal break” or “Thermal break cold bridge”. which is the mechanically made by rolling of an aluminium profile with a plastic insulation strip PA66GF25 profile, the conductivity is about 1/700 of aluminium alloy. Thermal conductivity coefficient of profiles without insulation strips is around 6W/m2K, however, thermal conductivity coefficient of profiles with PA66GF25 profile is between 1.8-3.5W/m2K, reduced more than half.







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