ALD7300 Floor spring


Maximum single-action open angle is 116°, with 90°auto-stop fitting.  Stop angle can be made according to client’s demand.

The perpendicular and the height of the door can be adjustable by 8mm.±4 degree adjustment is possible in zero position aligning.

Whole hydraulic pressure in door, two section speed control of closing door. The regulating position is 90°-25°and 25°-0°.

Exclusively meat ALD7300. This type can operate from 0°to 360°,especially suitable for double door that needed to open wider.

Hold points are 90°and 270°,This door can stop an any points from 95°to 265°,which represents more vacancy possibly obstructed by glass door.

Constant temperature device assure steady closing speed under big difference in temperature.

Built-in decompressing valve to prevent the damage from shutting in strong press and strong wind.

Passed 500,000 times’ opening-closing test



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